We invest in future

consumer preferences.

Cyworld, Naver Blog, Naver Café, Band, Snow…The CEO of TBT is the mastermind behind these top social media services of Korea. We stay one step ahead market changes and consumer preferences by actively investing in related services and startups.

We invest in industries 

we know well.

We examine service and business models from the perspective of our expertise 

in the mobile and internet industry. 

We recognize founding teams with high potential, and maximize their strengths while bolstering their weaknesses.

We honor Korea’s 

unique background.

The competition behind the $44 billion 

private education market, 

the extraordinary ability to create cultural content, and the robust manufacturing industry all characterize the of singularity the Korean market. We leverage our experience in this unique market to spot new opportunities.

We are open to all series in 

an emerging market.

We want companies that can redefine values and the market order according to a new paradigm. The size and stage of companies matter little to us, and we invest from Pre-A through Pre-IPO.


or going-global.

We invest in young entrepreneurs 

who see beyond the Korean market and 

know how to leverage their global outlook 

for a winning hand. We invest in bold startups that developed a competitive edge 

in the domestic market, and now work 

to expand into a larger, global one.

We make more than 

just one-time investments.

Depending on their needs, we work with companies after investment for practical advice in business strategies, service operations, marketing, and a global blueprint. These follow-on activities will determine TBT’s genuine partnership with our portfolio companies.