TBT stands for thoughts 

become things.

TBT stands to enable 

start-up success.

We are 

Adventure Capital.

We are more than your average investor. We are always up for an adventure, and our investment extends beyond capital transfer. We want to be a discussion partner that aligns growth with progress and a team player that can discover possibilities beyond risk. We want to utilize our industry knowledge and experience to help you build services and products that can make the world a better place.

Ram Lee 

Managing Partner / Founder

- Camp Mobile CEO

- NAVER Mobile Strategy VP 

- NAVER Community / UCC Theme Manager

- Cyworld Planning Team Leader


Jungwook Lim 

Managing Partner

Joungho Ahn 

Managing Partner

- Startup Alliance Director

- Lycos CEO 

- Daum Global Communications 

  Division Director 

- Chosun Ilbo Reporter

- Cresco Lake Partners Managing 

  Partner (Current)

- Samsung C&T Strategic Finance

- Goldman Sachs IB

- Samsung Everland Management Team


Oksun Lee  


- Snow Finance Team Leader

- NAVER Business Management, Accounting, 

  Subsidiary Management Team Leader

- Samsung Asset Management 

  Trust Asset Management Team

- Samsung Life Insurance Accounting Team

Hannah Kim

Venture Partner 

- Naver Marketing
- Bluebird
- San Francisco State University


Jungmin Kim


- TBT Tech Adviser


- Naver CTO

- Decasoft Technology General Manager

- Hyundai Information Technology 

  Financial Technology Team Lead

Seoyoun Han  

Associate, KICPA

- Spring Camp

- Dayli Finance Group Inc.

- Seoul Techno Holdings

- PwC. Samil Assurance/Deal

Dongoh Kim  

Principal, Lawyer

- Mr. Homes Co-Founder

- 12 Corporation Co-Founder

- Camp Mobile SAVE Camp Leader

- Naver Real Estate, Local Commodity 

  Team Leader

- Accenture IT Industry Consultant

Mabel Lee  

Investment Analyst

- Dong-A Business Review Journalist

- Money Today Journalist

- SAMIL PwC Business Analyst